Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Winter 2015-2016 pic walk...

Lil Rinchy and Pema

Tendy B and me

My valley I love u

Shakshing social service club

Pema and Duphto

Pema Wangchuck 

Nima and Co

Homeclass picnic

Rigser andMr. Tim

Sangay and Sangay Yummy!


boys day hike

Darchin pond

4 friends with homemade cards

son Pema hanging our flag, Darchin


Sherub the rocker

heaven Tawang 


blue balls


Gasa or Gondor?

Gasa Dzong

wild horse

buff slaughter Nepal

Stone village Manang

Happy New Year to everyone around the world!

morning light

yak at dawn

 we made it! 18,000 feet

The pass 18,000 feet Anapurna circuit

tibetan tiger

the 8th tallest mountain on earth, sunset Nepal Himalaya

road to nowhere

bye bye Himalaya...

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