Tuesday, March 12, 2013



Transcend the world
each moment with your
presence, a leaf blowing
across the pavement
golden as the Trashigang Dzong
sparkling like the jewel in the lotus
reflected as awe
for the precious master of now  


tatata roll greasy prayer wheels
for the unmanifested maitreya
riding on an elephant
into Buddha Nature.
dunk in the formless waters
of Burning Lake
to unlock the temple
within us all
called the ONE

I was walking through the village at night when I came across Sangay Dema the cutest little girl with the face of an Eskimo. Every time I see her I am reminded about all that is pure in the world. I asked what she was doing and she pointed to her sister and said in impeccable English, “my sister is passing  stool in the street because she is afraid of the demon in the toilet.” That is village life in a nutshell.

Four Friends VIcky, Ian, Becky, and Tim, overlooking Trashigang Dzong 2012

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  1. That looks like my kind of place! When will my guest room be ready?