Tuesday, November 29, 2011

1,000 Hands!

Thanks to everyone who donated thus far. We have surpased 1,000 hands which means I am well underway on my journey from San Francisco to Thimphu. My total so far is about 1,200 hands or $1,200 towards my program fee of $3,000.  If you haven't donated yet please consider lending a hand! I pledge to work my hardest on your behalf in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

By Mail: Make checks payable to The Bhutan Canada Foundation include my ID #31203. Send to: The Bhutan Canada Foundation,
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 411
Toronto, ONM5S 2R4
Attn: Kristen Scott

Blessings, Tim

                                                     San Francisco

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hands to Jhomolhari.

My dream is to teach in Bhutan and one day see Mt Jhomolhari 24,035 ft. Please help me achieve my goal by donating! Every dollar you give will help pay my 3,000 program fee. I have raised about $800 thus far!

By Mail: Make checks payable to The Bhutan Canada Foundation include my ID #31203. Send to: The Bhutan Canada Foundation,
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 411
Toronto, ONM5S 2R4
Attn: Kristen Scott

This is a letter from our chair Sam Blyth asking for donations.

 November 21, 2011 

Dear Friend,

Last April I traveled across Bhutan to visit teachers placed in Bhutan through the Teach in Bhutan program. For several weeks I drove across the country by auto, teetering on the edge of sheer drops and climbing some of Bhutan's highest mountain passes. I saw schools in some of the country's most remote communities and met students from all over Bhutan, some of whom have left the family home in pursuit of education. In one community, I met a young boy named Pema who walks seven kilometers to school each way, up and down a steep mountain path. His dedication amazed me, but his story is not unique. Pema is just one of thousands of young Bhutanese children eager to receive an education.

I've included some photos from this trip, as well as a photo of the BCF teacher class of 2011, pictured here with Honourable Minister Lynpo Thakur S. Powdyel, Minister of Education. 

 Since 2010, The Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF) has worked in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Royal University of Bhutan to improve educational opportunities for students of all ages. Next year promises to be a tremendous year for The Bhutan Canada Foundation. I am writing to ask for your financial support of our work in Bhutan.

In January 2011, BCF sent nineteen teachers and university lecturers to Bhutan, where they joined five returning teachers already in the field. This group of adventurous teachers brought enthusiasm, experience, and excellence to their respective schools, often going above and beyond the call of duty to lead club activities, hold after-school tutoring sessions, and champion new school initiatives. In the classroom, BCF teachers were part of an effort of reduce average class sizes to more effective levels, model innovative teaching and learning techniques, and encourage the development of spoken and written English skills.

Education remains vital to Bhutan's continued development as a nation, as it does to the country's ability to reduce nationwide poverty. According to a 2004 Poverty Analysis Report, attaining a mid-secondary level of education is enough to raise a person out of poverty. In 2012 we will continue to support Bhutan's development,  growing our program to reach new communities across Bhutan and increasing the number of BCF teachers in the field.

We need your help to continue this important work. Over 81% of funds raised go directly to programming, which means each dollar you donate has an immediate impact. As a friend of Bhutan, I would like to ask you to support The Bhutan Canada Foundation by making a gift online at http://www.bhutancanada.org/ or by following the instructions below.

The Bhutan Canada Foundation is committed to improving education in Bhutan. Just like Pema, we may encounter mountains along the way, but with dedication and support from donors like you, we will achieve educational excellence in Bhutan.

On behalf of the BCF staff in Thimphu and Toronto I wish to thank you and your family for your support of The Bhutan Canada Foundation. We wish you all the best in the year ahead.

Warm regards,
Sam Blyth
Chair, The Bhutan Canada Foundation

P.S - This year every dollar you donate will be matched up to $25,000. Double your gift when you donate today!


Scroll down the page for some pictures of my new home district Trashiyangste. God bless you and happy holidays!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trashiyangtse and $500 Scholarship!

It appears my school will be in the far eastern district of Trashiyangsti. I have no specific details except the general region. The Eastern realm of Bhutan are traditional tribal lands featuring an eclectic mix of people, including some nomadic herdsmen and tribal people completely different from the rest of Bhutan.  The district is known for paper making and fine woodcraft including carved bowls.  It is also close to the Bomdeling Wildlife park which boasts incredible wildlife including, tigers, snow leopards, and the famous black necked cranes who migrate from China over the Himalayan peaks.

I also received a $500 scholarship from BCF towards my $3,500 program fee. My goal is now $3,000 and I have raised about $800. With three weeks left to go I will be doubling my efforts to raise money. Thanks to Aunt Mare for her kind donation and happy healing we all love you!

Here is a preview of the district! Including Chorten Kora a sacred religious stupa and a major attraction in the area.

Trashiyangtse is the dark blue on the top right of the map, bordering Arunachal Pradesh province in India to the east, and Tibet to the North. Trashiyangtse has a broad range in elevation from lush vegetation to extreme mountainous climate. The northern section of the district boasts Himalayan massifs. While Trashiyangste proper rarely gets snow.  The district also houses the National Institute for the Disabled, which is a school for the blind. The road from Thimphu ends in Trashiyangste which is about 400 miles from the capital.


My new home?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We all have so much to be thankful and grateful for this year. I am so thankful for all the kind donations thus far. I have received checks from people I haven't heard from in ages. I am thankful to all who are reading this and wish everyone a Happy turkey or tofurkey day.

I find out my placement location soon. Lets hope I have electricity!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hands, Hands!!

Thanks to my dad Tom Grossman for my very first donation and for the hands idea for my campaign!  And my mom Marti Grossman for her efforts and continued support and her donation to "Hands"! I will miss you both!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Thanks to Karl, Jen, Alex, Maddy, Barb and Wally for their super generous donations!  I love you guys! Checks have been coming in this week. Ive raised about $700 dollars so far. With a month before the $3,500 program fee is due, I need your help now more than ever!

1. By Mail: Make checks payable to The Bhutan Canada Foundation include my ID #31203. Send to: The Bhutan Canada Foundation,
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 411
Toronto, ONM5S 2R4
Attn: Kristen Scott

2. Donate Online at bhutancanadafoundation.org, click on donate button. Follow directions and include my name and ID # 31203 in the "comments" section.

Happy to announce the birth of my niece Paige Emily Grossman on 11-10-11!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Birds of Heaven

If anyone is interested in purchasing this fine Robert Bateman print of the rare Black Neck Cranes please let me know by commenting on this post. The print is $210 and $110 will be donated by BCF to my fundraising efforts. That way you can help me and get a stunning original print signed by the artist.

I have raised close to $500 to date. Thats still $3,000 more to go but I am hopeful and continuing to work at the afterschool program which pays $12. Thanks to the old family friends who donated $50 today!

Warmly, Tim

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am thrilled to announce that I got a P/T job working at Venetia Valley in the after school program. I am working with at risk and mostly Latino youth.  I will be assisting with homework, play, counseling, and whatever else I can do.

It feels good to be able to raise some money for this trip. With your efforts combined with my own we can do this!

love tim

Monday, November 7, 2011

Hands Update!

I am pleased to announce that I have accumulated 250 hands thus far. That's $250 towards my journey to Thimphu! Thank you to everyone who has contributed already including some very generous donations! 

Remember contributions of any size are greatly appreciated. Truly every hand helps! Donation information available two postings below in "Hands Across The Himalaya" entry. Thank you to all of you who have shown interest in my endeavor. It means the world to me. It also inspires me to do a great job in Bhutan!

San Francisco to Thimphu

Now that I have launched my international fundraising campaign I expect my blog attendance to escalate. I will admit that spelling is not my strong point. Although I am working at it. My writing tends to favor the creative rant. But I must correct myself today. The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu not Thimpu. Unfortunately I caught the error after sending out my fundraising letter, Mea Culpa.

I am working on fundraising and documents today. I am waiting to hear about a promising job opportunity. So hopefully I can donate to my self soon. Meanwhile thanks for reading! By the Way the picture is of elephants in Royal Manas National Park. The park shares a border with India's Manas Park. The park also is a sanctuary for one horned rhinos and tigers.

Also congratulations to The King and Queen of Bhutan on their nuptials. The King of Bhutan Jigme Wangchuck married Jetsun Pema on October 13 in an auspicious ceremony. Their marriage is a love marriage. The Dragon Queens interest include painting and basketball as the king enjoys mountain biking and Elvis!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hands Across The Himalaya's

So here goes. I am launching my Hands Across The Himalaya's campaign. One dollar buys you one hand! My goal is 3,500 helping hands. I already have received my first donation of 50 hands. Yeah!

Heres how to donate

1. By Mail: Make checks payable to The Bhutan Canada Foundation
include my ID #31203. Send to:
The Bhutan Canada Foundation,
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 411
Toronto, ONM5S 2R4
Attn: Kristen Scott

2. Donate Online at bhutancanadafoundation.org, click on donate button. Follow directions and include my name and ID # 31203 in the "comments" section.