Sunday, April 5, 2015

Death of Love...

One last time, for Morgan

Where were you when love died?
I was standing at the window of the K.C Hotel
and when she told me her heart had been captured
the skies opened and rain fell
Isaac, a solid Hebrew name
a young musician, "I'd like him"  she insists
he can drive a car which she admits is nice.
he plays the instrument of her body -tuning her up before
making love in the closet,
Orgasming, their juices staining the quilt we once slept on
she says a HUGE weight has been lifted off her shoulders
(the weight of our incubus)
that weight shrugged and put upon my shoulders
heavier than all the inanimate Himalayan  Mountains combined
pressing on my ragged heart
crushing my soul
Pebbles falling from my shaky eyes
MY OCD mind infinitely stronger than faded Buddha Nature
a Big Cat whimpers below the Dzong
with its walls dismantled- half in ruin
through that gaping wound the hill station
never looked sadder
see the tawny tiger drop down the slope
in that goldern sunshine that shines on their new love
his paws squashing bloody rotten fruit.
finally collapsing on his side over a flat rock
overlooking the muddy river that once had meaning for him
body shaking in grief- he draws
a last pathetic breath
his bones scattered in spring grasses
bleached and forgotten.

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  1. Never throw this poem away! My heart goes out to you. It's hard to let go.