Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hands Update!

I can't keep up with the happenings here. Just last weekend I sat in the jungle taking a hot stone bath accompanied by three friends from three different countries near a raging bonfire. Lynn my nearest neighbor from Kiney, Mr. Piet from the Netherlands, and Sonam from you know where. The wooden tub full of medicinal and muddy spring water was heated by plopping scorching stones into the bath. We were all smooshed in fetal positions in the small tub which made for an intimate setting with Mr. Piet and Lynn swigging from a jug of Dutch jungle juice. Sparks ascended into the pitch blackness and a smattering of stars peeped through the canopy. If that wasn't enough a tributary wooshed on by as we wiled the hours away in a fine soak!

This week was our local Shakshing Tsechu (remember Bubba and Mom) Details to follow later needless to say I love my community and mountain and relished the Cham dances in a singular experience being the lone phelincpa partying amongst the natives where revelry and spirituality seamlessly interweave. Lynn joined me yesterday in the closing ceremonies along with students and locals in a phantasmagorical orgy. Lynn is twenty one years older than me yet many questioned if we were a couple so either I'm looking mature these days or all phelinpa's look alike to them. Ha! I can't attempt any descriptions until time permits so we'll leave it here but my soul is satisfied living in a land of abundant challenges and magic.

Back in action today after the holiday in which a scheduled Prince visit was aborted so the kids remained at boarding school yet were allowed to hike up to Tsechu. I'm frantically teaching skits for the Dauntless Girl a daunting affair considering their ability. It's raining even though Blessed Rainy Day has come and gone and if the monsoon has retreated you wouldn't know it around here. It's still lush and green as we move into October...

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