Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are we there yet?

"Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right." Hunter

The world is spinning and teachers are scattering in all directions making frantic preparations for departure. I have stuff on layaway all over town. For myself I'm working on my fifth day of Bhutan Belly and seem to live in my bathroom between workshops and other BCF obligations. Free Time is obviously hard to come by in Bhutan. I'm learning more about my posting and beginning to realize how isolated I will be. Despite my golden aspirations, travel in Bhutan will be very hard to do. I have to have a formal letter to get out of Yangtse. So I guess I will enjoy the ride East and then prepare to settle into my region for the duration. I hope to get some help to get my pics up soon. Everyone has been helpful and I am trying to learn to fend for myself.
Teach a man to fish.

Got a FB message from Dave Malone today which cheered me up, ah shucks! He said don't be to pure in Bhutan, lol. Tyler and Morgan if you go see MK at the Sweetwater tell him I loved him...

The Days that lie between.

I miss you all but assure you, I will survive. I'm 99.9% sure

Tim Teacher


The white light of the mind
burns through black rock
let it be it's breath
a cool river flowing over
grains of sand
jump into the fire
plunge into the ice
your silhouette, a shadow of enlightenment
cast in stone

As I prepare to sail to the undying lands I would like to say goodbye and thanks to the BCF Krewe

Sabrina, thanks for accompanying me here and for the energy medicine tecniques.

Dave, for the writing discussions and global warming/ love song.

Reidi for being Reidi.

Simon, for putting up with me as my room mate and the lectures on history and philosophy.

Martin and Tara for your inspiring leadership.

Sheal for laughing at my poor jokes.

Iman for her positive attitude when her bag was lost in transition which set the tone for our lessons in flexibility. (bag was found)

Ashleigh for the teamwork is dreamwork phrase.

Martha for her empathy about my eyes and sickness.

Delaine for her stories about E Europe.

Sarah for going to karoke with me on a Thursday night.

Becky for being my twin sister and endulging me in my Bobby worship.

Norrin, for her wonderment in my slippers.

Vicky, Ian, and Scott for their wisdom, knowledge, and assistance in preperation.

Thanks Nancy Strickland BCF queen mother and friend to Bhutan. Karma and Meena and Kristen and Jenna back in Toronto, eh. Sangay for the night hunting advice. All cooks, drivers, speakers, and His Majesty who is my king Arthur.

tashi delek to all...

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