Monday, January 30, 2012

Thimphu Daze

"DIscipline is a cup from which you drink your knowledge" Sangay Zam

Continuing on in orientation. Today I finally got some shopping done. Including a heater, kitchen stuff, rice cooker, thin sleeping roll instead of matress, pillow, blanket. The shopkeeper wants to be my facebook friend, lol. Skipping another dinner since my bb is back. THe food here is good a hybrid of indian and bhutanese. The meat is mainly chunky cartilage. The potatoes and rice are great. I will be mainly vegetarian this year. Right now im enjoying an Indian coke which is sweeter than the USA brand. Just had a great conversation with SImon my Australian roomate about world history. He is a history teacher and far more knowlagable than I on world affairs. Still soaking in our day at Tigers Nest. From the loud Chinese tourist to the little kitten living at the top of the world. But mainly the astounding beauty. A part of me is forever trapped in that place. Perhaps I will pass through in another incarnation. Nevertheless it haunts me.

Today we had more seminars on education and curriculum. Bhutan is a fascinating dicatomy of old and new. Progress and tradition. Their fledgling democracy is still finding its way along and we as teachers are charged with this task. But one can't help but wonder if its too soon for this land. They truly love their king here and it is his majesty that is forcing democracy on his subjects. For now im withholding judgement and enjoying some of the most friendly people on the planet. I have never spent significant time in a country like this. Where hospitals have no toilet paper but the medicine is free.

We are all so tired that we havent painted the town at all. Its been great getting to know the Krewe and have definately made some true friends. Which for those who know me realize the significance of that.

Thanks for all the encouragement from the home front. And thanks Bobby for opening the Sweetwater with Truckin, amen brother. In one week I will "Get back Truckin on" to the East.
Tshenkharla here I come...

Went out for a coke and met some interesting guys. As the only westerner in the bar I received Lot of attention. And saw locals drinking, smoking, and snuffing. Apparently partying is alive and well in Bhutan although subdued for a Monday! Glad I ventured out alone. Asians seem to like me more than n. Americans, lol.



  1. Hope you're feeling better, Tim! We recommend some Kewa Datsi or a visit to The Zone for a pretty decent slice of pizza :) Stay away from more Ema Datsi!

  2. "On the day that you were born, you began to die. Do not waste a single moment more." - Dilgo Khyentse

    It's great to hear that you are taking full advantage of all your moments! Hope your BB is getting better. We miss you here. Ty is still in Timmy morning and Reed asked me yesterday if we could "go to GG's house to see bra". I had to remind him that you went away for awhile on an adventure and then asked him if he remembers where bra went. To which Reed responded "in Bhutan teaching kids! Let's go see him."

    Keep on posting. We're enjoying sharing in your experience.

    We love you Timmy. We're "gonna miss you when you're gone" (set closer).

  3. Sent off a box yesterday with some stuff for you bra. Once you get to your town you can let me know what else you need.

    Take care and hope you are still keepin it rollin.

    - Bra