Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Money For Gasoline

 “Spin the wheel like Ezekiel”

Now that I got my message from Bobby I am packed and ready for the Mother Ship to swoop down and carry us off to another dimension which is merely a vast shift in consciousness. So we will remain on earth but it will be a “New Earth” for the chosen ones or more aptly the ones who are able to slip through the portal. In the waning hours of “Old Earth” I sequestered myself in a classroom and meticulously filled out my progress reports from the seven page spreadsheet. This task taxes my vision and I must be extremely careful to copy the correct mark in the correct space on the report card. I labored in the bare wooden room as sparrows hopped around the floor.  As dusk fell I finished and now am one step closer to departure as I only have to seal the marks and ask my principal for permission to leave. My vessel through the Mayan Portal will be a reserved taxi with Ashleigh for 6,600 Ngultrum.  We plan to leave early from T-Gang driving all day to reach Bumthang on a Saturday Night. I’ll be able to spend some time with Martin and Tara before joining them on a bus to Thimphu on the 19th. I will presumably have the option to meet Tyler and mom in the capital or receive them in Paro! God Bless Tshenkharla but I am ready to go. The weather has turned cold as the landscape sheds its leaves returning to a natural state of slumber. The High pressure has yielded to clouds that mix with wood smoke to create a silkscreen haze. I limp into my next adventure glad to complete my first official year as a teacher. I am winterizing the house and praying for water to scrub my dishes and do a final wash.

I have learned the last two weeks how much I miss my students and how they sustained me throughout the year with their humor and curiosity. I am very excited to implement some new techniques and ideas into my lessons next year. The Vice Principal complimented me on the improvement of the class 8 students in speaking English. It was nice to be recognized but the students deserve all the credit. The one accomplishment I feel most proud of is that many of my students are not shy when speaking English. Overall it’s been a humbling year of getting to know the student’s abilities and feeling my way through a different education system. Now it’s time to take the “Hands Across the Himalayas” campaign on a “Himalayan Odyssey” which will include a stop at the beach in Thailand before continuing on to Nepal. I have no expectations for the trip other then enjoying quality time with my family. I realize this is my third goodbye and wish you all the greatest holiday season and happiest new year. If all goes well the tiger will reappear in about two months unless the portal leads the beast into the cosmos forever. GRRRRRRRR!   


  1. Glad everything has worked out--sorry for ragging on you the other day!

    Have a great family reunion and trip!

    Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

    Love, Dad

  2. Sending MUCHO love with Tyler and Mom to you. Wish I could be there. Mom has a birthday and Christmas present for you from me. Have a great and SAFE trip and load up on good food when possible. Mom says you have an injured toe--always something, neh? Wish you were coming home with them, but I applaud your commitment to spend another year. Always happy to read your doings and thoughts on the blog. God, I miss you, Timmers!

  3. Hi Tim from Uncle Hank here in Marin! had lunch with your dad today at Marin Jose's and we had a ball talking about you, Tyler and MJ. i am heading to Angor in June with a fellow on the Big Island who runs small orphanages in Thailand and Cambodia. Never been to that part of the world but lived in Manila and the P.I.

    Stay safe in Nepal which is basically a dump!