Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two From the Vault


In the frozen hearth
of the Annapurna Range
Shiva takes my hand
guiding me
through a snow cave
down a ceaseless stone staircase
with lightning and thunder
BOOM! (the universe accelerates)
like a female water snake
slithering scales between
rainbow rhododendron,
squirming in a fathomless canyon
fade away
like vapor from a dreamer’s pipe
puffs of daunting mist,
dissipates radiant sunshine  
Oh hail the hail!
on the path, off the trail
somewhere between Landruk
and Chommerang 
IT happens
heaven pisses soaking my face
cackling like a madman
I ascend ten thousand stairs
as this poem dies
in the shadow of Machhapuchhare

Circumambulating Bodhnath and Chorten kora with Becky

Navigating the filthy street
stepping over a limbless beggar
we slip through the portal gate
into Bodhnath
where rays of sunshine splash Buddha Eyes
and timeless clockwise Tibetan worshipers
prostrate frenetically
as the air crackles with pregnant electricity
(in the belly of a hungry tigress)
butter lamps burn slow to the tune of
rattling prayer wheels
spun by weathered Himalayan hands
clutching rosary beads and chanting,
“Om Mani Padme Hum- All Hail the jewel in the Lotus!”
breathe in- incense and suck a cube of yak cheese
orbiting enlightenment for eons
or take tea on a rooftop
watching flocks of birds
and people ring the base of the mighty stupa
this is IT for once I AM.
she says “I like it here.”
start where you stand
making concentric circles
at Chorten Kora
where a fresh breeze paints the Kulongchu
brushing in buoyant greens and ecstatic blues
which bleed rushing liquid over stone
as devotees tread over bursting marigolds
and lustrous grass chanting,
“Om Mani Padme Hum- All Hail the Jewel in the Lotus!”
but there is no god here
only Buddha Nature bereft of ritual.
 from my seat on a bench
I count Becky’s revolutions in triplicate
always pressing forward
we are the maitreya
the walking wounded
exiled from the rainbow palace
following the light of a precious diamond
that melts our iron chains
until we soar as ravens into the ether

Bodhnath is an ancient stupa in Katmandu Nepal. Chorten Kora in Trashiyangtse Bhutan was modeled after Bodhnath. The title is modeled after Gary Snyder’s poem Circumambulating Mt. Tamalpais.

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  1. Very happy to see TIAT back, with an inspired first entry for 2013. Can't wait to see what you'll create & post next. Thanks, Tim!