Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Thursday Circus Extravagansa!!!

"We can't play anymore like kids right after school" Dave Malone

The sun burst through the ocean of clouds bringing extraordinary light to the area. When the clouds part an observer at Tsenkharla can observe hundreds of miles of scenery. The broad vista stretches from Kanglung in the South along the Dagme Chu to Tawang in the East. The West offers a tight ravine nestling the Kulongchu. After the afterschool reading session I went roaming, encountering children and old men on the trail. Rinchen Wangmo was in good spirits and requested I snap a photo of her and her bovine. The cypress grove was cool and fragrant with yellow edible berries (taste like sour blackberries) and blossoming purple. The hollow clicked with the percussion of birdlife having a tete a tete accompanied by the river three thousand feet below whose sound is quite audible strumming the pine bow. I eavesdropped on the student’s dirge a testament of complete focus and devotion. It should be mentioned there is no adult supervision as the prayer captains monitor the student body who chant in a trance. The air around the MP hall was saturated with sweet plumes of cedar smoke and back in the hut Nima Geilston drops by asking for money to buy new slippers.
In the classroom it’s a scramble to finish the syllabus and review for the exams. It’s a tiring time for teachers and students alike but there is certain exhilaration in the air like in a vineyard just before the grapes are plucked for the vintage. Last night I was invited to Thinley Sir’s house for dinner with IT and Poop. It was enjoyable to spend time with these two power couples of Tsenkharla. (These are the dudes that fixed my computer!) Tinley’s wife has a rounded face and an infectious smile and speaks virtually no English although she is twenty. Both IT and Thinley are handsome and hip and IT’s betrothed Poop is slender with a certain grace that is common to such people in all corners of the world, and when she set down her teacup the molecules were hardly disturbed but actually rejoiced in the gesture. Dinner was boiled pork, bean curry, and rice. And that’s the extent of the action up here at VI, oh by the way how are things in your town?     

The Dragons Tail

The Mother Ship

Hitting the books

Slim Shady

Mr. Namaste away from his wheel?

Rinchen Wangmo and Ummadumma


Smokin' Hot!

Ace and Dawa Dema in Village Incognito


  1. Oh Dear God, is Mr. Tim bringing one home????
    And I don't mean THE DOG!!!!!!!!

    Your Fatherrrrrrr

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  3. Mr Tim,
    The man you described as Mr Namaste is my My Grandfather Nagpo. :D

    I am glad to come across your blog. I was once myself a student on TSenkharla, though it was long before you came. I passed out in 2008.

    I see you are doing extremely well.

    Wish you a Happy Stay!