Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Another Himalayan Odyssey

Part 1: Enter the Tiger

Well it's been a whirlwind first week in Nepal. Kathmandu is a maddening and entrancing city which is hard to put words too. Thamel the renown tourist district is jam packed with rickshaws (bicycle driven) shops of all kinds selling Buddhist and hippie paraphernalia. Outside the brick shrines and alleyways of Thamel the city of five million sprawls forever supported by a literally crumbling infrastructure of brick and astounding wooden carvings the signature of Newari architecture.Think Gothem City for darkness. In places the buildings are crumbling and the action is intense and non stop. Commerce, transportation, and loitering. Incense stalls, butcher shops, and voodoo candlelit cubbies. I enjoyed riding on a rickshaw bumping along the dilapidated lanes in a hazy sunset a pilgrim in a holy land. 

Today is Christmas Eve and I'm not settling down to 24 HRS of a Christmas Story HO HO HO! Although there is a Christmas tree besides me in the lobby of The Ganesh Himal (Ganeshy Mall) hotel. Yes mom the super deluxe is better with a bathtub which I availed this afternoon. Simple pleasures soaking in a tub the faint din of Kathmandu drifting into my cloistered paradise. Naked in the tub with a glass bottle of Coca Cola in my hand. My crepe just arrived and life is sweet for now sugar baby. All I did today was obtain my trekking permit. Wow that crepe is delicious (Ty would be humming) 24 Hours ago I was having a breakdown in the darkened street of the city just deposited from an eleven hour bus ride from Lumbini the birth place of Lord Buddha. 

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