Monday, December 15, 2014


Well I made it as far as Thimphu the capital city. So many memories here as today I just drove by the spot where my mom fell. I had my requisite cheeseburger at the pub like Zone too. I also had my yearly debriefing with Nancy and Karma was helpful initiating my visa paperwork which is in process now. A funny moment when Nancy came into Karma's office and politely asked me to quiet down reminding me that I was using my classroom voice and Bhutanese like to speak quietly. I thanked her for reminding me of that although in truth Sharchop have their noisy side after work hours. Thimphu is a lovely Himalayan city but a shock to the senses for this eastern boy.

I had a heck of a time getting out of the village and thankfully Prabu G and Surgit helped me finalize the dreaded consolidated and mark sheets. I also said farewell to Butterfly (Ashish) who is returning to India next year. I am sad to loose a true friend who says his Wings are broken.

It's a sunny day in the Kingdom of Bhutan and the journey East to West took two days as usual. Over many passes some barren and windswept others lush spring fed pockets with tree ferns still abundant. I saw a troop of Monkeys on the Bumthang Trongsa border and endless forests with few villages in the central and West regions.

The hilight of the trip was crossing Thrunsing La dividing Mongar/Bumthang with a rare view of Gangtse the third tallest mountain in the world wit a barbaric gnarled peak exuding power. One can't put into words a pink hazy hue illuminating a 27,000 foot peak. Looking down into fur forest and mist into the abyss below.

Blessings from Bhutan....

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