Wednesday, September 14, 2011

one step closer.....

I received my passing test results today for my last state exam. Some of you might realize the extra significance of this and the effort involved. Thanks to all of you who supported me, prayed for me, and put up with me throughout.

I cried when I got the results, tears of joy. For earning my credential and mostly for getting one step closer to Bhutan. I am eagerly awaiting my approval from the ministry so keep up your good thoughts.

I am finally a teacher!



  1. Tim! Congrats on officially becoming a teacher! Thanks for following my stories from so far away. I think you'll be approved by the ministry shortly, as it sounds like you've got what it takes (the majority of which is a respect for diversity and an openness to cultural differences). That you love and respect nature and wildlife is an added bonus, since it will engulf you here! Feel free to add me on facebook, this way you can ask questions about packing and that sort of thing. Enjoy your last few months in America!!!

  2. Congratulations Teacher Tim :) What a great start to an exciting adventure!

  3. Congrats, Tim!
    You are officially a teacher. I am happy for you :)
    You are going back to Asia soon, Bhutan!
    Yay! Another chapter of your adventure ;)