Saturday, September 3, 2011


As of right now I am sitting comfortably in my moms lovely home in San Rafael California. The best part of this house is tending my garden and the gorgeous view of the San Pablo Bay. I enjoy watching sailboats sail in and out of the inlets and the Richmond Bridge lit up at night with tiny headlights twinkiling like stars. Im sure life in Bhutan will be very differant to say the least. I am most concearned about infestation and rodents. The BC women are much tougher than me no doubt. For now I am focused on things that I dare not scribe here. Like the RICA exam and earning my final credential approval. Awaiting approval by the Ministry of Education in Bhutan. The very reason this blog was created.

So lets call this a test run. I hope I will follow my dream to the end and a brand new beginning for whatever that is worth. I am now a blogger. I wonder if anyone reads these things.

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  1. Bhutan or Bust!

    This blog is the perfect first step. Very nicely put together. I think you need a little donate button near the bottom just in case anyone wants to contribute a buck or two now and again towards shipping you out of the country. There must be quite a few people who will pitch on that!

    Much love and luck to you Mr. Pirate as you close in on your next fantastic adventure!

    Oh and Timmy.
    Your depth.......frightens me.