Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Title

The blog title, "Tiger in a Trance" is a line from the Grateful Dead song and more specifically a Bobby song St. of Circumstance. There are also tigers in Bhutan and they are considered sacred animals. I one day hope to visit the Royal Manas Park in Bhutan. It ajoins a The Manas Park in India and doubles as a tiger preserve. I learned yesterdays that asiatic lions still live in prides in India. Its amazing they can find their niche on the subcontinent with over a billion people. Humanities impact is stunning. Hopefully Bhutan will teach me something of living simply. I hope its as biologically diverse as advertised.

I think back to my trip with aunt Mare to Yellowstone. She always said she was training me. Now I know it was for this next adventure. This blog might just serve as an e journal for me as I prepare for my journey. In the meantime I hope to enjoy my family and the beauty of Marin county. I havent been up to Mt. Tam in so long. Regardless she will always be my spiritual compass and my center.

I am anxious as the process unfolds. So much to do so little time. I am having teaching nightmares already. They take place at Sun Valley where I student taught. I am always late and unprepared. I am eager to teach again but many questions plague me. How will I learn the names of forty students with Bhutaneese names. I plunder the teacher blogs for insight. Their content scares me and thrills me at once.

The phrase echoes in my head, "You will reach the far off lands if you keep hope alive within you."

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