Saturday, November 26, 2011

Trashiyangtse and $500 Scholarship!

It appears my school will be in the far eastern district of Trashiyangsti. I have no specific details except the general region. The Eastern realm of Bhutan are traditional tribal lands featuring an eclectic mix of people, including some nomadic herdsmen and tribal people completely different from the rest of Bhutan.  The district is known for paper making and fine woodcraft including carved bowls.  It is also close to the Bomdeling Wildlife park which boasts incredible wildlife including, tigers, snow leopards, and the famous black necked cranes who migrate from China over the Himalayan peaks.

I also received a $500 scholarship from BCF towards my $3,500 program fee. My goal is now $3,000 and I have raised about $800. With three weeks left to go I will be doubling my efforts to raise money. Thanks to Aunt Mare for her kind donation and happy healing we all love you!

Here is a preview of the district! Including Chorten Kora a sacred religious stupa and a major attraction in the area.

Trashiyangtse is the dark blue on the top right of the map, bordering Arunachal Pradesh province in India to the east, and Tibet to the North. Trashiyangtse has a broad range in elevation from lush vegetation to extreme mountainous climate. The northern section of the district boasts Himalayan massifs. While Trashiyangste proper rarely gets snow.  The district also houses the National Institute for the Disabled, which is a school for the blind. The road from Thimphu ends in Trashiyangste which is about 400 miles from the capital.


My new home?

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