Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Nod to the Hazelnuts...

Last summer Shawn and the hazelnut folks came out and planted hazelnut trees in the terraces below my hut. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the nursery in Lingmithang where the saplings are cultivated. Becky who is versed in organic farming accompanied me and a nice Indian gent showed us around. Here are some photos of my trip to the nursery and some trees in the field at Tsenkharla. I believe the outfit is called Mountain Hazelnuts if you want to check them out online. Of course it soon turned into a photo shoot with my former students.

The last pic is of Ashleigh and Becky hanging Ian and Vicky's prayer flags on Thrumshing La at over 12,000 feet!

Becky at the farm


Working Together

Class eight students on my favorite rock

Kesang tending his tree

Cool Dudes...

Boys Working 

Shawn, Principal La, and Hazelnut folks

Ashleigh and Becky hanging Ian and Vicky's prayer Flags, February 2013

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