Monday, May 27, 2013


The Dagme Chu

A river in motion bounds
through hard cut canyon
cream liquid splashing
on russet rock with crimson veins
driven by peculiar currents
shaped by the slanted bottom
on an infinite course
East to West
rapids roar, a snow lion
calling out the Buddha Nature
within all sentient beings,
cast in samsara
reckoning the useless events
of personal history
now annihilated by Gurus thunderbolt staff
under a sky saturated in the deepest blue
the eye is drawn to olive water
churning, undulating, cresting
In silver droplets
Om Siddhartha ride those waves
bobbing through a baked land
of brush and sand
and occlusive boulders
dotted with primary colored prayer flags
ripples releasing fine threads
into sticky atmosphere
riding on a turquoise horse
to Nirvana 

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