Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Om Siddhartha

Om Siddhartha!

Om Siddhartha!
who found enlightenment  
in lust fear and despair
Om Siddhartha!
Who forged a path
to the sacred river,
the source of boundless joy
where infinite incarnations
splash the human face
 glistening over stone
as water parts like lovers
absorbing tributaries
rushing down barren slopes
and flowing through jungles
in a ceaseless circle
only broken by consciousness
keeping us apart from
the rock, cypress, and each other
Om Siddhartha!
the river roars  
begging us to join IT in
the ballad of eternity
yes the chorus of the one  
 Om Siddhartha!

Siddhartha was a man who discovered enlightenment during the time of the Buddha.

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