Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stories From The End Of The Universe (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3: Smokin’ Hot Emadatsi- The day after Becky Story’s Birthday-A Thursday without The Circus just ain’t a Thursday

Last night using just the right ingredients including local cheese I finally concocted truly delicious Emadatsi. I felt confident enough to serve it to others but hence no one was around. Over in Phongmey Becky was the bread toast of the village as her students wrapped gifts and made cakes for her 36th celebration of life. From her side, Becky organized games and arrived home late at night after a full day of revelry. They love her over yonder and so do I and I’m tickled that she had a memorable day including a dash of sunshine to boot. My day was dark and brooding with an external weather report of cloudy skies and an internal weather report of a tempest with ample rain. What to do Kathmandu as in CLUB DESIRE moods account for admission to the circular dance floor and the music plays forever and ever and it’s hard to find a way out of the darkness. Heck even if you get 86’d you sneak back in like Todd Browder at Disneyland. The wheel O Samsara grinds onward on a day earthlings call Thursday (although it’s Wednesday for the reader) Today is Indian Independence Day and the sunshine radiates from Tawang. Without Indian support Bhutan would cease to exist altogether therefore their friendship is paramount. Bhutan gets economic support and goods and services while Indians work in Bhutan and cipher hydropower from the Kingdom. Bhutan also acts as a buffer between India and china, as the reader recalls Rangthangwoong was privy to the Indo China war and at that point Tawang was in China’s grasp. If only they left a mandarin restaurant behind in Trashigang.  For my lunch Karma Loday made Emadatsi at my place, it was so hot it melted my face and I was sweating well into sixth period to the bemusement of the students. Today was pretty memorable in the classroom. In 7A I was teaching the vocabulary word burst with an exaggerated hand gesture to accompany the word (a little trick Tree taught me at Sun Valley) Well at that exact moment little Kezang Dema giggled thus spitting water and biscuit chunks all over Tashi. It was pretty hilarious timing and Tashi bonked Kezang on the head the typical Bhutanese retaliation. That ended that lesson and we adjourned outside to chat before the bell dinged for lunch. It’s amazing how attached an ESL teacher can get to students from an opposing back round. Thus the beauty of travelling and staying in a faraway place, like St. Stephen I’ve been here so long I start to calling it home. So this Thursday had elements of the Circus after all. A playtime under THE BIG TOP set in motion all those years ago on lysergic evenings frolicking with Lisa and the gang under observant redwoods on the lawn, dancing so hard that we made it rain. Never thought I’d make it this far with a pain in my soul and a whole in my heart!       

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