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Stories from the Field: Happiness is Being Together...



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Stories from the Field: Happiness is being together 

One of the advantageous for anyone placed at a boarding school is living on campus. I’m lucky enough to live rent free in a lovely concrete abode that was newly constructed before my arrival and I feel very blessed having these accommodations especially since my domicile is perched on a precipice with a gaping view over the border into the Indian state of Arrunachal Pradesh. It’s comparable to living on the rim of the Grand Canyon and not an hour goes by that I don’t revel in the view. I also live right next door to 300 boys in their hostels so I never get lonely! The boys are sincere and helpful always offering to assist in my endless chores or coming over for tutoring sessions. On weekends we also just hang out and watch movies, toss Frisbee, or make delicious curry. As a teacher I value these personal interactions with the boys and realize this is a unique opportunity and privilege to work at a boarding school with so many extracurricular activities to partake in. Some boys are regulars and they have truly become a part of my life and the more I know them the more I love them. I have never experienced being part of a community like here at Tsenkharla. Just last night Nima, Karma, and Sangay three boys from my last year’s class came over and I helped them with their presentation for the Magic brocade. After two hours I had clarified their questions and lent them materials to make a poster for their presentation before they rehearsed their presentation for me. I was proud of their effort and cherish the opportunity to work with a small group of students since classes typically include 25-35 pupils. Last weekend a different group of boys came over to play on the computer and make Emadatsi (The Bhutanese national dish containing spicy chillies and gooey cheese) We spent the entire day just having fun together. My advice to the new group of BCF teachers is to get as involved with the students as possible and those of you at a boarding school will have an ample opportunity. Bhutan is unfathomably beautiful but it’s the interaction with the student’s that’s the crowning jewel of our experiences in the kingdom! 

Tashi Delek

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