Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stories From The End Of The Universe

"Its not a place you can get to by a boat or a train, its far far away behind the moon, beyond the rain" Dorothy 

Chapter 1: “Oh Shit Man”-Descending Into the Pit of DESIRE-Trashigang Surprise Party-Biting Rebecca Story-Return to Rangthangwoong 

Another storm has passed through the area and evening sun splashes distant ridges gleaming off faraway temples as misty handlebar moustaches droop over mountainsides. Ravens caw in the darkness and your author slips inside his domicile after an exasperating trip to Trashigang. I thought I might slink away after an irksome week on campus but my mellow weekend turned out to be anything but. I lost the handle this week mismanaging behavior problems in the classroom. Since I don’t beat certain class nine students are taking advantage of me and being ornery which makes me surly. One comical event was little Phuntsho Wangmo in class seven exclaiming, “Oh Shit man” when I asked to see her homework, where do they come up with this stuff? So when Saturday rolled around I postponed a hike with students and headed to Doksom to view the river. In Doksom I encountered Lee from Yangtse town who was headed to T-Gang to meet “the Jungle East Massive” and others who were gathering. I wasn’t altogether convinced of my social abilities so I departed from Lee at Gom Kora to spin wheels around and repent. After returning to the road a taxi whisked up and collected me depositing me in T-Gang at dusk. I joined my comrades at the bakery for a surprise party in attendance were Becky, Collin, Lee, Jon, Ashleigh, and Kyle who was astray from Trongsa. Oh yeah and Ashleigh’s friend Sangay. Sangay happened to be quite fetching or emahotsi a term Jon coined on the spot. Well Club Desire was bumping in my heart a sickening display for your golden boy as the doors opened early that day in Doksom. In Doksom I made my way down a dirt road and saw a youngish woman gathering water in a pale. Well as it happens I stumbled upon the same woman at the same time last year when she was bathing wrapped ONLY in an Arizona Cardinal’s towel. We remembered one another so tongue and cheek I mentioned I was going to the river and wondered if she might join me and to my shock she dropped her pale and slid alongside your incorrigible author. Well by and by she got a phone call and ran away leaving me to suck that awful pit of desire. Back in T-Gang I watched Sangay pin up her hair then take it down and toss it around flirting with Jon or whoever and a twinge of envy sprang up as the bass thundered louder at CLUB DESIRE. Well Buddha the bouncer happened along and 86’d me for my impurities but I snuck in the backdoor with lustful dilated pupils, oh what’s the use? Not that I even wanted either of these woman but on a subatomic level I guess I was aroused, oh how sinful life can be and lonesome too. After dinner my room at the K.C became the epicentre of iniquity and by the time the krewe departed at 1 AM room 210 looked like Led Zeppelin had hosted the Who for an evening of debauchery with empties rattling around the floor, cigarette smoke lingering in the air, and the toilet seat lying next to the bed. It’s always good to see other phelincpa’s even though I was dragging my social feet on this night, although I did manage to work Ashleigh into hysterics that garnered a reprimanding pinch or three. I woke up after a fitful nicotine fumed sleep moody blues style and knocked around town visiting Phuntsho the oracle who delivered spot on insights on my condition saying I was angry and half my students failed as if she was standing beside me all week in the classroom. The gang took breakfast and I bit Becky on the arm, by default Becky Story is my health buddy and if one was to tell the tale they might say a rabid ANIMAL bit his health partner before bolting off into the hills never to be seen again. (Talk about biting the hand that feeds you) Well she forgave me by and by and about four and twenty in the afternoon Lee and I splashed out of Trashigang in a VW Van that had pictures of lamas tucked into its visors like snaps of Jerry or Trey and I was dropped off at Zongposo among fragrant hemp and a towering maize crop. I walked up the peaceful road half-heartedly reminding myself of all my blessings and was finally collected by a truck headed to Rangthangwoong.   

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