Monday, October 26, 2015

2nd Day Action.

Guru Cham Friday

Monkey Dance

The Guru at Home

Horny Horns

Last Dancer

Shakedown Street

Guru's Consorts in parade

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  1. Good God, Timmers! Sounds like you were at the Bhuddist version of a Rainbow Gathering--only one that is based on spirit, not STUFF. Be aware there is nothing like what you just experienced in the Western world! More proof that you are exactly where you should be. Take heed of the generations of information about how to proceed past death. You can't get that info elsewhere. I sent you some stuff in Mom's package. Barb and Mom and I had a great week together--although when I'm in Marin, I REALLY miss you. (Sweet little soda cone!) Be well. XXOOXX