Thursday, October 15, 2015


"Walking backwards slowly with our eyes closed" Zekemotto 


It's Thursday and the circus is in town...well it's a mundane big top but a circus is a circus right? The dramatic poetry slam wasn't that dramatic however a few students incorporated some gestures and a few more even memorized their poem. The intent was to build confidence in speaking which cannot be underestimated in Sharchop communities. Some students come from Monpa villages or even Kurtep which is a Tibetan based language. We don't have any Nepali kids this year where as Becky teaches grips of them in Bumthang. The sun is shinning over sparkling mountains but a thunderstorm creeps in from the west. Poor Dawa Dema pup is disheveled and like it or not I'm her owner but I can't feed her properly and she looks ragtag. Truly the dog belongs to Karlos but won't go there anymore since they chain her up. How did I get dependents, Dawa Dema, my two sons, Pema Wangchuk along with my official duties. I'm rather aloof but eventually even a lone wolf may fall into a pack. Whatever it makes for an interesting existence in fact life will never provide for me in the same way ever again. I'm also ragtag wearing pants that are too small with no button (hidden by a belt) My hair is neatly trimmed and my boil is receding although one has popped up on my inner thigh (sexy) Lunch was emadatsi and I overindulged  forgetting all about mindful eating meditation instead going for pig at a trough style. Oink! It's a busy day since I'm TOD (Tim on Duty) which meant supervising morning study at 6:30 in a somnambulist state. After sleepwalking through assemble I became human again. Afternoon will find me supervising night study, dinner, and then chicken at Karlos and Sonam's house. This is the best time for roaming but also a busy time and although I have taken some nice walks I'm due for a heroes journey. I pulled a tendon in my right foot that isn't healing but it isn't slowing me too much. I took a nice stroll below the Dzong in T-Gang where I had sat devastate in April after finding out my ex girlfriend had fallen in love again. But this time things were renewed and fresh and I sent out well wishes for the happy couple embarking on their new found life together. For my part it can be lonely up on this mountain but I'm also HAPPY to be alone since I'm selfish by nature and like to live with a certain degree of solitude. Love is mutable not finite and even if one "loses" a soulmate love is never lost.

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