Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekend Update

Another weekend come and gone...Took the channel down to Boo-young our water source located 11.5 Km down the irrigation channel which leads by some farmhouses ending in deep jungle half way to Yangtse. The waterfall is at the end of the passage where the channel runs into a imperial cliff dotted with stunt pines. The fall splashes more than a hundred feet into a deep pool and if one stands on the mossy rocks they are blasted with mist in a satisfying manner. On the way back I found myself in the midst of a troop of magnificent languors with rusty chests white tufts sprouting from intelligent faces and long sweeping tails. The alpha male was half my size but longer if you add his six foot long tail. He hooted at me calling his troop to retreat as they dashed from limb to limb leaping through the air before catching a branch in a shower of leaves then scampering down another before leaping again. It was a moment of pandemonium as they retreated to the forest floor swinging on vines and whistling like dolphins. One adolescent was stuck on the wrong side of the channel and eventually lept directly over my head his elegant form imprinted on a grey sky, this young one missed the mark crashing into a lower branch just snaring the limb in time then heltar skeltar   to the next branch before diving for cover. These primates are incredibly graceful and beautiful creatures living a mere two hour walk from my hut.

Sunday was our annual foundation day and Kuru tournament with men in gho's shouting for twelve hours like wild Indians minus the cowboy counterparts. Eventually I headed to Shakshing where the frescos had been repainted with The Guru flanked by his lovely consorts. Yeshi wearing a halter top exposing her supple breasts while Mandarava was wrapped in flowing silks in more conservative attire. Meanwhile tiger clad bronze men danced along the walls with scepters impaling blue skulls.

The walk home was sublime with crackling stalks of gold maize being cut by barefoot grandmothers with mellow saturated light flowing in all directions the wide and easy ridge revealing sprawling hills everywhere.

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