Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Minute Directions

As of now, all donations should be made online at the BCF website or via checks made out to Tim Grossman and mailed to me directly. The deadline is December 23rd and all donations must be banked by BCF.

Online donations here, put my teacher ID #31203 and name in the comment box under the information section.

Or checks made out to Tim Grossman

260 Baypoint Drive
San Rafael Ca

Thank You!

                                       Beautiful Bumthang in Central Bhutan

                                   Here's some more maps at my moms request.

Click on the map for better view!

Heres a link to explore the animals of Bhutan!

Heres an article on the Eastern peeps.

                                           Sakteng Wilderness home of the yeti.

                                                          Asiatic Lions

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