Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tigers living at 13,000 Feet

This is an amazing discovery and article. The big cat diversity in Bhutan is amazing. I hope I see one but just knowing their alive makes my heart leap. Its sad that the tiger so revered in Korea is long extinct from the Korean peninsula. Bhutan seems to honor its diversity. One valley above 10,000 feet in Bhutan supports tigers, snow leopards and a myriad of other big cats! The tiger corridor could connect Nepal, Bhutan, India, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Malaysia to support tiger populations in those areas. With so few tigers remaining this seems imperative. Ive always considered the leopard my favorite cat but I am growing fond of tigers. From an ecological stand point Bhutan seems to defy the odds. The flying tigers of the Himalaya are indeed real. Meghann a BCF teacher had a leopard roaming her village in Mongar. I look forward to learning more about Bhutan's incredible wildlife.

Here's the link. The second link is an article about all the worlds tigers and their battle to survive. Most notably the ones in Cambodia. Overall about 3,000 tigers remain wild. Their used to be hundreds of thousands of tigers inhabiting much of Asia. The third article talks about tigers and snow leopards overlapping territory.

A Bengal Tiger in Bhutan

"this town is like a circus
around the clock
  tigers roam the streets
     the doors ain't got no locks"
       Ed Volker, My Home Is On The Border

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