Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank You!

Dear friends and family

Thank you all for your amazing donations! To date I have raised $2,500 towards my program fee. With the money I have earned from "Hands Across The Himalayas" and my job at BACR I have totaled $3,000 thus accomplishing my goal! I will still be accepting donations for start up cost and teaching supplies in Bhutan which will total an additional $1,000. Here is a list of all the fabulous donors in no particular order. Your kindness has touched me deeply.

Tyler and Beth Grossman, Marti Grossman, Tom Grossman, Wally and Barb Rush, Dave Rush, Marty Pelletier, Karl Pelletier, Madison and Alex Pelletier, Jerry Borton, Bill Gholson, Jason and Lisa Osenton, Mike Piro, David Scott, Doug Scott, Meg Urie, Jon and Cara Kerhlikar, The Urban Family (David, Reily, Cal, Kate, and Grandma Bea) Kevin Chriss, Karen Scheder, Karyn O'Mohundro, Dane and Carrie Moler, Tom Boyd, Roxeanne Beverstein, Eleanor Duncan, Linda Albion, Judy Smith, Judith Karau, Raymond and Margot Gergus, Eric Pierce, David and Ronnie Rossman, Marilyn Mooshie, Liz Fowler, Bette Shutte, Bill and Chris Todd, Charlie Consoli, Dennis Shebesta, Julie Cathie, Shana Rohde, Don and Patty Turnquist, Bernie and Carol Atkinson.

Thank you all so much and have a very Merry Christmas! Here is some possible information on my school (Tshenkharla) look under Tshenkharla Dzong!

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