Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Week Left To Donate

Hello everyone,

I have about a week left to bank my funds with BCF. All funds must be in their hands the 23rd of December. Please consider an online donation or sending off a check ASAP! You can also donate to me directly. That money will go into my Bhutan account for start up costs which will exceed $1,000. Ive been overwhelmed with gratitude to all who have donated so far.

Thanks to Bill Gholson, Jon and Cara Kron, and Elma Duncan for their generous donations over the weekend.

All the best,

Make checks payable to The Bhutan Canada Foundation
include my ID #31203.
Send to: The Bhutan Canada Foundation,
720 Bathurst Street, Suite 411
Toronto, ONM5S 2R4
Attn: Kristen Scott

Donate online at http://teachinbhutan.blogspot.com/

Archery is huge in Bhutan with elaborate competitions!

This is the time of year for the annual Black Necked Crane migration to Trashiyangtse Bhutan. They fly over some of the highest Himalayan peaks from Tibet to arrive in my district in Bomdeling Park. These birds are revered in Bhutan. Hopefully they will lift my holiday spirit next winter.   

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