Sunday, January 8, 2012


                                                      California Poppies

"We do all this in hopes that one day the world as seen through the eyes of children will be the real world." Bob Weir

As I get closer to departure I would like to thank everyone who donated to my "Hands" campaign! I did not EXPECT anyone to give and was overwhelmed by the generosity and warm wishes expressed by all of you. This trip has been an expensive dream to realize but I am confident that it will be a worthwhile experience. Fundraising has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for this opportunity that YOU all have afforded me. The plain truth is I couldn't have done this without you and for that I am deeply and eternally grateful. For those of you who couldn't donate but have supported me with your praise and prayers I thank you as well.

I truly hope you all follow my adventure here on this blog. Your love and financial support have provided me an auspicious beginning to my journey into Bhutan. Here is the list of super-fantastic donors in no particular order.

Morgan Neiman, Tyler and Beth Grossman, Marti Grossman, Tom Grossman, Wally and Barb Rush, Dave Rush, Marty Pelletier, Karl Pelletier, Madison and Alex Pelletier, Jerry Borton, Bill Gholson, Jason and Lisa Osenton, Mike Piro, David Scott, Doug Scott, Meg Urie, Jon and Cara Kerhlikar, The Urban Family (David, Reily, Cal, Kate, and Grandma Bea), Kevin Chriss, Donald Laudano and Karen Scheder, Karyn O'Mohundro, Dane and Carrie Moler, Tom Boyd, Ralph Riddle and Roxeanne Beverstein, Elma Duncan, Marty and Linda Albion, Judy Smith, Judith Karau, Raymond and Margot Gergus, Eric Pierce, David and Ronnie Rossman, Marilyn Mooshie, Liz Fowler, Bette Shutte, Bill and Chris Todd, Charlie Consoli, Dennis Shebesta, Julie Cathie, Shana Rohde, Don and Patty Turnquist, Bernie and Carol Atkinson.

Peace and Love,


"Past and future veil god from our sight;
burn up both of them with fire." Rumi

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