Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Year of the Thunder Dragon, 2012

(Caution: Non Bhutan content.) The following is an account of Furthur's midnight revelry. Furthur is a band founded by Bob Weir and Phil Lesh formerly of the Grateful Dead.

In the moments before midnight I crammed myself in front of the stack of speakers in the wash of grimy hippies and respectable folks. The floor of the Bill Graham Auditorium was packed tight like sardines in a can. The light dimmed as clasps of thunder echoed around the square venue. Above us, obscured by two black curtains was the dragon itself veiled like my future. The thunder and rain effects continued as the the beast slowly emerged from behind the curtain. An eerie emerald light protruded from the beasts eyes and a sinister red light from the mouth. Slowly and deliberately the dragon wiggled its way into view floating above the crowd with baby new year riding on its back. As the scaly green dragon flew over our heads it roared, puffs of steam hissed from its mouth.

The serpent arrived over the stage met by famous basketball player and renown deadhead Bill Walton dressed as father time, counting us down to midnight. As the balloons dropped rhythm guitarist and singer Bobby Weir ushered in the new year with "Sugar Magnolia" the ultimate rock n roll love song. Rivulets of sweat poured off my brow as I spun around in an epic dervish with my brothers and sisters for one last "Sunshine Daydream."

Happy New Year to everyone! The Year of the Thunder Dragon.

A little poem as well from the evening:


“Light the song with sense and color
Hold away despair” Terrapin Station

Spheres of purple
fly from a rusty guitar
like arrows
from Bobby’s golden quiver
whirring through the arena
before burying themselves
into transformative hearts.
turning away
the green eyes of the Thunder Dragon
pierce my being
and I AM nothing
at the start

New Years pics! Click on image for a nice viewing! That's Bob Weir in the first image. Bill Walton in the cape. And midnight revelry by all. I'm in the mix somewhere!

The setlist

I: Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, Cosmic Charlie, Althea, Next Time You See Me, High Time, Shakedown Street > Viola Lee Blues
II: Morning Dew > Dark Star > Mason's Children > Dark Star > The Mountain Song > I Know You Rider, St. Stephen > Fire on the Mountain
III: Sugar Magnolia, Playin in the Band > Uncle John's Band > Colors of the Rain > Born Cross-Eyed > The Wheel > Playin in the Band (reprise)
E: Lady with a Fan > Terrapin > At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer

Heres some video from Furthur!

Thanks mom for the miracle b day ticket! I had a great time flying solo meeting some interesting people and seeing some old friends. It was epic!

Here's a link courtesy of my friend Laura about an adventure group's documentary in Bhutan.

Also, Happy New Year = Wolves in California. Welcome Home!

"To the Dreamtime of Our Hearts
To the Hearts of Our Children
To the Children of Our Dreams" Bob Weir, Baru Bay


If anyone is interested Bobby is playing with his old outfit Ratdog (1995-2010) They are quite simply the greatest band anywhere. Tune in for his TRI broadcast on January 25th 5 PM Pacific Standard Time for free. Hope I can catch some in Thimphu. TRI studios is a state of the art "spaceship" that is capable of digital broadcasting with stellar sound. In related news the new Sweetwater is opening in Mill Valley. The original Sweetwater hosted world class talent. The new Sweetwater opens January 28th with the guitar monk Steve Kimock and very special guests! I'm guessing Ratdog! Not to mention Phil Lesh's plans to open Terrapin Crossroads at the Seafood Peddler a block away from my moms. Gotta love the Marin Deadhead community. I'll miss waltzing in the Palm with MK.

Heres some cool Radiators stuff. Including pics from my last Colorodo show with the Snafoids! Im in the 4/21 picture in the Colorodo crowd. And pics from the Last Watusi shows in New Orleans. I miss those guys!

                                           RIP The Boyz with da Noize

                                      Me and Ting at The New Orleans Suspects

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