Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Terror of Life

We spent the day at tigers nest. Perhaps the most amazing place in the universe. And certainly more amazing then the THIMPHU hospital the night before. I have a major case of Bhutan belly. But was not as bad as Reidi and Sarah who accompanied me. To be honest I haven't adapted well. on Friday we tried on our gho and after a half step out the dragon roots hotel I was swarmed by multiple Bhutanese who were pulling on and adjusting my dress. One of these men asked about my placement and when I told him Yangtse he replied "Oh, the terror of life. Eventually a woman stepped in to finalize my adjustment making me look just exactly perfect. Thursday Sarah and I went to a local karaoke bar to watch locals dance and sing for us for a small fee. Like a human juke box.

Fast forward to today and Tigers Nest. The hike ascends two hours through pines and mossy twisted Oakley trees. One can't describe this place with ice chunks falling through waterfalls and thousands of stone steps. And on top is heaven. The magnificent structure hangs off a mighty cliff that no picture can prove. Once inside it's a maze of corridors and secret rooms each with its shrine. my favorite being an empty room with a simple altar. Here I bow down touching my head to the floor. Suddenly the oneness of life overpowered me in a rare light entered my being causing me to weep like a baby. For one brief second I left myself behind. In yet anoth room I found myself alone with a lovely Bhutanese female guide. She guided me into the room with lush tapestries, butter lamps, and deities. She instructed me to prey to a deity for long life and spoke of the unity of the male and female form. And finally I climbed into a whole in the mountain which was the literal tigers nest.

I found myself alone hiking down the mountainside meditating on the meaning of Easy Answers, "shut your eyes and listen to the colors of your mind." Finally washing my feet in the cool river.

That's the short version as moments happen in rapid succession. Trying to remember to forget...

Miss you Reed


  1. Hope you are feeling better Tim. I have enjoyed reading all the different blogs including yours!
    Reidi's blog yesterday could have been written by you! Seems you both will be "at the end of the Road".

    Be strong my son--things will get better. You are in my prayers daily.

    Love, Dad

  2. More!
    Please write more!

    Thinking about you cruising around the nest looking for a coke machine makes me smile...Snappin one for ya back home Tim.
    Will you email me about your experience there. Elaine and Dennis were asking about you.

  3. Timmers: had to get your Dad involved to figure out how to send word to you! You've forced me into the future--first time I've ever even SEEN a blog! FABULOUS news. Sorry to hear about your gut, but you're probably on your way to being innoculated now. The place looks like paradise! Tiger's Nest!!! Also GLAD to see pics of the dragon New Year and how much FUN it must have been. You lucked out with parents, Dude. I'm SO PROUD of you, and will stay in touch with anything the environment allows you to post! You're having a vicarious adventure for all of us--do it well. LOVE you....