Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arrival and "Disorientation"

Hey Now Kids

Ive arrived in the Land of the Thunder Dragon! Im still bonkers from the insane flight to Korea Bangkok, India, and Paro. Thank you Sabrina for your company along the way. 9 BCF teachers flew on Druk Air to Paro. Ironically mom the bags were never weighed, eeerr!
We were blessed with a beautiful day in Paro on arrival and even flew in first class with the Kings brother. Paro is breathtaking as adverised. The proof being in Reidi's tears of joy and awe.

We were wisked off to a fine resort atop a hill overlooking Paro. (pics coming soon I hope) Spent the afternoon walking with Sheal down the "Old Valley Road" The locals seemed genuinely kind with their hello's and smiles. Paro is a fascinating mix of rural and "modern" life. Rustic yet elegant houses have new cars parked in the driveway. While horses graze in the yard. And kids scurry around playing near by.

After a wonderful Bhutanese dinner including the national chillies and cheese I Enjoyed a few hours of sleep before my stomach woke me up at 4 AM. I decided to join Karma AKA "Big Man" and a few BCF teachers in a 630 sunrise hike into town. The dogs ruled the streets barking at eachother in some unknown dispute. Their were hellhounds on our trail.
The town was lovely including the most magnificent bridge over the river.

More to come as im off to dinner in Thimphu with the gang. An amazing group of people each with many gifts to offer eachother and Bhutan. Ofcourse being the hermit I am it has been a tad overwelming socially. Better get over that, eh?

Much love to the family back home. Thanks again for your "Help On The Way" I love you all and miss you so much. At the moment my nephew Reed the most. I would kill for a besos.

Stay tuned y'all as the twisted adventure begins!

Bhutan Boy

PS Please excuse my spelling on this, no spell check

Day 2

Meetings and greetings with the minister of education and others. A driving tour of Thimphu which is the coolest place ever. We went up high for an astounding view. Spent the afternoon walking with Becky talking music. Turns out shes a "bluegrass betty" and tour rat like myself. She even knows Ratdog! Off to dinner now. Feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning but my fellow teachers picked me up like Ashleigh says "teamwork is dreamwork"

More to come...

Thimphu Tim


  1. Tim: Glad you are finally there! Was excited to read your blog this morning 1/25/2012.I already have your appriximate school location on my weather channel so can check the weather from time to time!

    Also received your "Odessa" letter. Really enjoyed it!! You state" a poem about Odessa that will appear in the ? (book? blog?)

    Keep writing my son

    Love you, Dad

  2. Braaaaaaa! Miss you so much already and stoked to hear you made it and the great adventure has begun! hope you find some way to catch up a little sleep but doubt it after seeing how busy your itenerary is in the next few weeks. Say hello to all your new friends for us and know that your family (especially Reed) misses you tons!!!!

    Much love to the Bhuthan Boy!!!!

  3. wow.
    mister pirate is now bhutan boy.
    three decades ago, playing in URF at your Sausalito home, most likely locking you out of URF with BRA, I was not imagining you would turn out to be the most adventurous, the most courageous and the most unstoppable of the magners. Now I am thinking Ty and I should be taking credit.
    Although it is obvious looking back now you have always done what you wanted, regardless of circumstances. What have seemed like obstacles have obviously been incredible incentives.
    I cannot begin to describe how happy I am for you Tim. I can't even imagine the daily fears you are facing.
    Please keep writing for all of us. Poetry, philosophy, ramblings, show memories, everything.
    It will be needed for our book, especially during your disorientation while it is all still extremely crazy and fresh.
    "The dogs ruled the streets barking at eachother in some unknown dispute. Their were hellhounds on our trail."

    I love you cuz.
    colemaaaaan thats my carthats my driverrrrrrrrrrr!

  4. Great post Tim! Love following your adventures from Toronto!