Thursday, January 19, 2012

On The Road

"The life is my teacher and my inner wisdom is my guide" The Divine Madman

Hello everyone,

I'm off in less than 48 hours. Had a nice last week in America including hiking in San Rafael with my bra and Johnny. Thank you Morgan for the beautiful shirt and novel. And especially thanks to my mom for her effort in helping me prepare. I'd be lost without my family (Tom, Marti, Tyler, Beth, Reed, and Paige) I will miss y'all so much!

I depart SFO on Saturday morning. First stop is good ol' Seoul then on to Bangkok, and finally Paro. I will be flying out with fellow BCF teacher Sabrina Soares and we will connect with two more teachers in Korea. Nine of us will fly out of Bangkok together! We will have "Disorientation" for two weeks in Thimphu before setting out to our placements in early February. I will be in the far east of the country working at Tshenkherla Middle School in Trashiyangtse district. They tell me I will be teaching 4th through 7th grade. Its quite literally the end of the road in Eastern Bhutan.

Thanks again for all the donations and love I wont forget any of you! Follow along here on the same bat channel!

God Bless and "goodnigh"t"!

Love, Tim


  1. Good luck bra la la! Life is a journey...Enjoy!

    1. Tim, I hope you get this. I just composed a page-long email and had so much trouble trying to send it that it disappeared! So, here goes again!

      Your comments about the trash all over the place reminds me of what I see everyday in (beautiful) Marin on the highways. Ask your mom about my reaction to it every time I see it (which is every day) and she's lucky enough to be with me in the car. I can certainly understand your frustration at seeing your beautiful landscape marred by junk. There are a few artists that are starting to use old plastic bags and bottles to construct art projects. I'm sure those projects will survive until the next millennium! Maybe your kids could do a project with what you have there. Be sure to take pictures with your iPad! You may know this already, but the iPad has some really cool photo options in Photo Booth. You can make something look sort of Andy Wharhol-ish or kaleidoscope-ish. It's very cool and I play with it all the time. It would probably fascinate your kids too.

      Sorry to hear you are not really feeling all that great, but from the sounds of what you get to eat, you may be malnourished. I'm sure you must have packed some vitamins which you definitely need where you are. Sounds like protein powder might be a good thing for you too. Do they at least have dark rice...wild, brown, red?? I hope you're not existing on white rice.

      Your comments about religion make me think you and I are not that much different in our beliefs. I call myself 'agnostic' since I really don't know for sure. My thought is that there is a source for goodness within us all and I consider that 'god'. And we can channel it into our life as we choose to through prayer or whatever means gets you to go there. God helps those who help themselves, what goes around comes around, are things I believe in but I don't visualize some man in a cloud helping us out. Organized religion just messes things up since most religions want to assign the task of being an 'overseer', 'judge', 'punisherer' to a deity and then it gets into power plays with whose religion is the 'true' religion, whose 'god' is the true god or 'son of god'. Mankind has a way of complicating things in the endless search for power over others. I don't know, maybe it's how most people need to think to survive life's hardships instead of just pulling together to work out a solution.

      Your mom and Ty really miss you a lot. Your mom frequently tells me how they read your blog and talk about missing your wonderfulness :-)) You are much loved and thought about.

      Hope you get this... Let me know, okay? If this doesn't go through this time, I'll have to get some ins ruction from your mom on what I'm screwing up!
      Take care Tim,